Workshop: I Have An Idea For A Clothing Brand! Now What?

A new online workshop to help you get started!

Hey hey party people!

Do you have an idea for a clothing brand and don’t know how to get your product made? Do you want to start a fashion company and don’t know where to start?

This workshop is divided into 5 sections (times are approximates):

  1. The Basics (10 min)

What do I need to get started? A degree? A business plan? Illustrations?

  1. Fashion Design Process, Simplified (20 min)

What is the difference between design and production development in fashion?

  1. Product Development (20 min)

How do I get a sample made of my design? What is the product development process step by step?

  1. Sourcing (20 min)

How do I begin looking for fabrics and trims? How can I find a sewing factory?

  1. Wrap-Up (10 min)

Q & A


Q: Why is there limited space for an online workshop?

A: I want to give everyone plenty of chances to ask questions.

Q: Will you post this webinar on YouTube?

A: Nope. Besides, it would be terribly unfair to the people who paid money for all this information.

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