Online Class with Zoe Hong

"How to Grow Your Fashion Business Using Social Media" Workshop

Hey hey party people,

The key to growing your business is getting fresh eyes on your product, whether that’s your gorgeous clothes, your beautiful illustrations, or freelance design skills.

Do you have your Instagram and Twitter accounts set up but not enough followers? Do you wonder if you need to join TikTok or start a YouTube channel? And what is Pinterest anyway?

My online workshop will answer all these questions and more! I will introduce you to my Good Post Formula, teach you about the 3 kinds of social media posts, and whether or not you need to buy social media ads.


Q: Why is there limited space for an online workshop?

A: I want to give everyone plenty of chances to ask questions.

Q: Will you post this webinar on YouTube?

A: Nope. Besides, it would be terribly unfair to the people who paid money for all this information.