Weekly Fashion Design Lessons (and other bits and bobs)

Hey hey party people,

Many of you have asked me to teach a fashion design course online so here we go! Join me over on Patreon where I teach weekly fashion design lessons. (Join the Fashion Design Students tier.)

The series will follow the fashion design process, in chronological order, broken down in weekly lessons. Each lesson will feature audio file lectures, assignments, info downloads, and/or other resources to help you design your own collection.

I’ve been back to making videos since July and people are still surprised I’m back! In case you weren’t aware, after taking the first half of 2021 off from making videos, I’m back! Click here to get caught up!


Did you know I created a fashion resource site? So far we have a fashion job board and a fashion school database. We are working on more features! Let me know what you think!

A fascinating video on the origins of Zara.

My book and art supply recs are here on Amazon (affiliate link). Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Amazon so if you want to just take the info and shop elsewhere, that’s fine by me.

For books, I like this place that supports local bookstores and many of my subscribers have recommended this site for both new and used books.

And just for laughs, this instagram account features hilarious fashion memes.

Hope this finds you happy, healthy, and practicing,